Monday, March 7, 2016

Alex Sweeney

Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to a friend to Chris Avery Bennet and talented photographer Alex Sweeney. A talented Connecticut photographer Alex continues to build her career one snapshot at a time. Please enjoy the following interview with the one and only Alex Sweeney.

Q: What inspired you to start taking photographs?

A: Ah this question always makes me think! I think when I was little I was drawn to the fact that I could see pictures in books, television, and whenever my mom got the disposable camera developed. The idea of preserving memories was so important to me because growing up with ADHD I had a tendency to forget things and photographs were a reminder of things that I probably would have forgotten about had I not captured the moment in film or on my digital camera. 

Q: What do you like to do in your free time? 

A: Besides photography? I like to read, currently I'm reading a book called "Bowie on Bowie" by Sean Edwards, David Bowie was a huge influence growing up so it's a great read! He's a fantastic character! Also, I like to draw (though I'm not very good at it), binge watch Netflix and drink lots of bubble tea.  

Q: What are some of your favorite things to take pictures of?

A: I like to photograph a lot of self-portraiture, not because I'm a narcissist or anything but because I think the hardest critic is yourself and photographing yourself and liking it is such a challenge and I find a great thrill in that challenge. Another thing I enjoy photographing is fashion editorials because fashion is such a huge part of my life and one of the focuses of my career because my ultimate goal is to be the next Richard Avedon (I know cocky right?). I'm not a huge fan of natural landscapes but more recently I have been doing a lot of architectural photography, there's something beautiful about all the buildings in New York City with their unique cracks and patterns, it fascinates me.

Q: What kind of shots peek your interest more nature, people, or art?

A: Most of the time I tend to stick to models and people, because the human connection is what makes photography to me so special. The interaction of the viewer and the camera, and the subject and the camera, that conversation that goes on when viewing photographs is magical to me. 

Q: What draws you to being a photographer?

A: Ever since I was about the age of 10 I realized I saw the world differently than others, I wanted to preserve moments and have physical evidence of memories I had collected throughout my life. As I grew up I realized I sucked at math, wasn't good at chemistry, hated writing for long periods of time, history is interesting but not a wise career choice. Art and photography to me was the only way that made sense to my brain, the only thing that I had passion for and along the way I discovered more clearly that fashion and photography are my muses. I have ADHD and the environment of being a photographer and working in fashion really help and utilize my unique qualities that I was given. I love the chaos, the beauty, the insanity, and the uncertainty of photography, and I love that I can control that chaos with a click of a shutter. 

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Right now I'm planning on moving to Manhattan and continuing to work for the fashion house I work for, I have an amazing job and I wouldn't trade it for the world, it's helped me grow so much as a person and as an artist. 

Q: Do you have anything planned or in planning right now?

A: Recently I just shot my first maternity shoot, it was an interesting experience. Next I'm doing a shoot for an actor who needs his head shot done; I never usually turn down anyone who asks me to help them out. 

Q: What’s your favorite pass time?

A: Favorite pastime? Probably eating Ben and Jerry's and binge watching Bobs Burgers on TV.

Q: Do you enjoy what you do?

A:Yes, I enjoy what I do because it makes me happy not once has my job ever felt like a job it feels like fun because it’s what I enjoy in life. 

Q: What is your favorite event to go to?

A: My favorite event to go to to photograph is a fashion show. My favorite types of events to go to in general are concerts, and I'm attending the Blaqk Audio concert in May.

See more of Alex at and on her social media 
Twitter: asweeneyphoto
Instagram: asweeneyphoto

Interview by Tim Joseph 
 -Chris Avery Bennet

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hayley Gripp

This week it is my pleasure to introduce you all to a dear friend of mine. She is truly one of the most inspirational and helpful people I have in my life, Hayley Gripp.
Hayley Gripp is a natural all American actress, brand ambassador and philanthropist. She made her debut in the industry in 2012 as a print model, landing national ads for brands such as "Verizon Wireless" and "As Seen On TV". As an actress, Hayley has shot multiple commercials, has been a celebrity taste tester on Cupcake Wars, landed prominent roles on: "CSI: Las Vegas", a reoccurring role on the Lifetime original series "Killer Kids" and a role in the Lionsgate feature film "The Vatican Tapes". Hayley is a nationally published writer, with her most recent article published in "Simply Gluten Free" Magazine. In her free time Hayley is also a professional holistic vegetarian chef, and her cooking has been featured on live cooking segments, including the "San Diego Channel 6 News". Hayley prides herself on her philanthropy work and many charitable endeavors that include: the title of Youth Ambassador for California and Young Adult Board Member for the "Tourette Association America", the title of Female National Spokesperson for "The Stop Bullying Now Foundation" and in her home town of Los Angeles, Hayley avidly supports "The Covenant House California" and "A Place Called Home". Hayley has spoken to over 45K across the country on the bullying epidemic of our youth, and played a prominent role in getting the I.D.E.A. Act passed in Washington DC. As a representative and Brand Ambassador for "The Organic Face" Cosmetics, Hayley has collaborated directly with CEO Noreen Diani to help empower young girls through the education of healthy skincare as well as positive self esteem. Hayley is the face of "Undersummers" brand shortlettes, and will soon be launching her organic lifestyle blog in the hopes to educate others about the brand and the health benefits of living an organic sustainable lifestyle. In 2016 Hayley will begin filming the sitcom "The Ginger Girls" and training new TS Ambassadors at the National TAA Conference in DC.
Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming news and interviews on this amazing person and never forget to Make a Difference and Be the Difference.

-Chris Avery Bennet

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Frank Lowe

Frank Lowe is a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with single gay dads all over social media and beyond. Frank Lowe is now taking his divorce, after 17 years of marriage, and doing something positive with it. The blogger and YouTuber is taking social media by storm with his story to offer support to other single or divorced gay dads.

It isn’t easy to go through a divorce, let alone with a child, but Frank is opening up his personal life to give advice and create a positive presence in the wake of a negative outcome. Frank discussed with me about just how passionate he is about the cause behind his social media fame, what he looks to do in the future, and what a truly nice guy he is.

Q: Let's begin with how you started out blogging and becoming an avid YouTuber that has quite the following. Was there a specific moment or occurrence in your life that led you to get involved with social media sharing your story and helping other gay dads?

A: My real start was on Twitter in late 2012.  I began the @GayAtHomeDad account to do two things:  1) create general awareness that gay dads exist    2) to dissolve stereotypes by using self-deprecating comedy.  I’ve always known that humor is the best way to make people feel comfortable with something they’re unfamiliar with, and gay parenting was a wholly new concept then.  I had no idea it would snowball the way it did, and I now have a following of almost 100K on Twitter.  My YouTube channel was kind of a side thought, but it’s something I will continue to grow in the next couple of years. 

Q: You seem to have quite the social media presence and guide, which I find to be pretty accurate, as I am heavily on social media myself. It seems everybody today has something negative to say at some point no matter how positive or negative our presence might be. Do you ever find yourself being harassed, questioned, judged, or even bullied online?

A: Fortunately, I have been blessed with a sharp tongue.  Yes, I have definitely had people try to “come at me” in various ways on social media, but I very quickly shut it down.  I actually welcome it, if that sounds bizarre, because I like to put the trolls on display and let my followers have at them as well.  In other words, when people try to bully me, I turn the situation completely around and showcase their hatefulness for everyone to see.

Q: Have you ever had any second thoughts or concerns about sharing so much of your private life with your son in the social media world, as many try to shield their children from it?

A: Not at all, for two reasons:  1) what you actually see is what I want you to see – it is highly edited down from real life and often I mix fact and fiction  2) social media is going to be relevant for his entire life, and rather than shy away from it, I embrace it.  He is 6 and knows what Instagram and Twitter are, so they won’t be some big surprise when he’s older.  I think that will help him keep his head wrapped around all of it.

Q: You were married for several years, and while most see nothing but the negative out of divorce, you seem to have turned that into something positive by what you do. Why do you feel it is so important to be out there trying to help other divorced or single gay dads?

A: I absolutely sought out the things I was grateful for – that was how I coped with the divorce itself.  Divorce is extremely stigmatized and that is unbelievably ridiculous to me as it effects half the married population.  It’s unreal.  Gay divorce is even more stigmatized because married gay men feel very privileged to have the ability to legally marry now.  As a result, I wanted to talk about it to try and erase some of those thoughts, and now work for as a weekly columnist.  It is titled “Let’s Be Frank:  The Diary of a Divorced Gay Dad,” and no topics are off limits!  It’s been extremely cathartic.

Q: Can you tease about or tell us what some of your future goals and plans might be or are you keeping that on the hush for now?

A: I am working on a book actually.  Not an autobiography, but more of a guide.  It’s something that has never been done and I’m very excited about it.  I also have a super top secret project that I can say zero about, but it could be huge!

Q: What is one pertinent piece of advice you feel you can give divorced or single gay dads out there?

A: Find yourself again.  Any way you know how too.  Don’t be afraid to try new things and make mistakes along the way.  Also buy a great pair of jeans (or four) that make your ass look perfect. 

Q: Besides what you are doing with your online presence, how had it been overall since the divorce and getting back into the world of dating?

A: Well, I had a boyfriend for a bit after my divorce, and basically did everything wrong in the book.  It was probably the worst timing ever and I still feel terrible about it.  It made me realize I have a lot to learn, especially considering that I haven’t dated since the 1990’s.  I’m taking things very slow right now, and focusing on me.

Q: You have a slogan, which I happen to find pretty catchy, is "I used to be a bitchy gay guy, now I am a bitchy gay dad." How much and in what ways did having a child change who you were before you had a child?

A: I love that you mentioned this because that was my first tweet, and it’s entirely a joke.  I actually am making fun of bitchy gay guys – which only some people realize.  In reality, I’m a super nice guy.  Having Briggs (my son), changed my life completely.  I can’t even begin to tell you, but the best part about having a child is relinquishing all of your selfish habits.

Q: You have stated that you are addicted to social media, which some find to be a controversial topic these days, especially when it comes to our children getting involved with all the bullying and hate that takes place online. Do you feel that people might be overly obsessed with social media? It seems some might even have issues distinguishing it from reality at times. What are your thoughts on that subject, especially when it comes to your son possibly wanting to take part as he gets older?

A: I’m sure millions of us are obsessed with social media.  I have a very laissez faire approach to it as I feel it’s just part of our culture now.  It technically is reality now, but you can’t take it too seriously.  That’s the problem – when people take it seriously.  It should just be fun, but oftentimes someone who is more insecure can’t handle it.  My opinion is that it depends on the person.  Some have the ability to deal with things, including online bullying, and others simply don’t.  I will absolutely hold my son’s hand and help him set up his accounts when he is at the right age.  I will monitor everything he does, whether he likes it or not, and flex my own social media relevance if I ever need to with him.

Q: In taking a look at your site, it is very inspirational. You seem to truly want to make a difference in more ways than one. Where would you like to see what your current social media presence take you, beyond what you are doing now such as blogging and your YouTube videos?  And what inspires you to keep pushing forward?

A: Fortunately, my top secret project will do exactly that!  So I’m currently in the process of evolving my “brand.” I want to expand on my writing as well, and continue to think of creative ways to play with social media.  My biggest inspirations come from my son, himself.  I want him to have the best life possible and feel that he is loved by many.  Also, occasionally I have followers tell me that I am their role model, which truly makes my day and makes me want to continue putting myself out there.  I feel like I started this crazy machine, and it’s only getting revved up – I have a lot of work to do. 
In getting to know Frank a bit more, some might be surprised to find out how down the earth he truly is. We tend to make judgements at times before really learning about a person. Though some might see him as his slogan, “I used to be a bitchy gay guy, now I am a bitchy gay dad, “ he is far more than that.

Frank Lowe is looking to continue being a great dad to his son Briggs, but also to raise awareness and help single gay dads during times of struggle. What better way to spread a positive message and turn around your divorce and create something good out of it.

This is why it is so important for us to always recognize that even in bad times, we learn lessons that can take us to heights we never would have otherwise realized was something that was part of our journey.

Follow Frank Lowe on Twitter:@GayAtHomeDad and you can also check out his website here:
Interview Conducted by 
Dana Jacoviello Owner and Founder of Bullies Keep Out
Instagram: bullieskeepoutllc
Twitter: Bullieskeepout

-Chris Avery Bennet

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Andrew Mangold - Mangold Leather

Today I will introduce you to an artist that will make any leather product  ranging from a hand made fashionable statement to an exotic decorative accessory or costume. A Chris Avery Bennet Group favorite, Andrew Mangold is featured as a hardcore, visionary leather designer bringing some of the most rugged, yet elegant leather accessories to the world of fashion. His pieces are a reflection of how life will look in a radically different future where every individual is proudly unique, where clothes are made to last for years, and where nature has been expertly integrated into daily life... More simply, his belts are bright, they’re sturdy, they use the best hardware, best materials, and the best methods of assembly to push the edge of what is even possible within leather. 

One of Andrew’s greatest achievements has been the creation of a series of life-sized leather animal sculptures, including an entirely hand-stitched, hand-dyed elephant’s head, a rhinoceros, and other non-earthly creatures. Each of these sculptures required Andrew to bend his mastery over leather to envision new techniques, and work at a larger scale than crafters within the medium have ever attempted. And yet, the success of these monumental works prove that even with remarkable ambition, Andrew has the grounded ability to carry out grand dreams into reality.

At present, the leather crafting business is only one part of Andrew’s greatest project. In fact, the real dream is to create a fully-functional, sustainable community using the most holistic building methods and management. The purpose is to bring together the most passionate artists, healers and gardeners around in order to create a space where everyone is encouraged to excel at their own particular gift. Just like the belts and bags that Mangold Leather sells, the purpose in all that Andrew does is to bring out the greatest inner essence of every individual.

Currently, Andrew runs Mangold Leather with a small team of dedicated artists and healers who care deeply about what they do. Together, they test-run the first small model community at a site in Turners Falls, MA, while each operating and assisting in one-another’s specific trade or business. This small community is the original heart and brain of many larger projects geared specifically at bringing as many people as possible the tools and theory they need to enable their own freedom. This includes high quality holistic medicines, healing services, gardening abilities, green building workshops, medicinal plants, seeds, trees, and most importantly, really fun parties! All this while synching up with other like minded farms and projects to facilitate new living/working opportunities for those who need them, and to better augment the movement to a more fair and livable world.

As for the leatherwork itself, every item that leaves Andrew’s workshop is considered, in one degree, to be medicine. He doesn’t just sell shit so that it will end up in a closet somewhere. Mangold Leather products are created out of passion, knowing that every single bag or belt is one of the most awesome personal gifts he could give back to the world. Using over a decade or hard-earned leathering ability, and tapping into a pool of semi-secret invented techniques, Mangold Leather products are each a diamond-like, life-enhancing companion. Owning such a radical, spiritually infused bag or belt encourages a person to more courageously inhabit this planet. It provides inspiration and a feeling of protection to grab hold of your own life; to settle for nothing less than your heart’s true desires; to look like no one else can look but your own inner self. To speak like you and sing like you and dance and dream and act like only you can do.

One of the final and most exciting pieces to Andrew’s work is that every single item is made from of grass-fed bison skin. These animals are raised in natural, respectful conditions, and tanned at a low-impact, responsible tannery. Up until 2013, Andrew had been using conventional leather, like nearly every other crafter. However, through their broad networking campaign with other good farms, Mangold Leather has linked up with a team that produces the absolute best leather available. This stuff is stronger, softer, and in time, wears in, not out. Handling and wearing this material feels like a dream, and it protects one’s health by reducing contact with the harmful chemicals used at other tanneries. It’s fantastic for the environment too, because these bison come from prairies, not feedlots, and the tannery uses absolutely lowest energy, water and pollutants in making this material. This is the only leather that anyone should own. 

 Coming as one of our most highly recommended designers, Andrew Mangold of Mangold leather is not to be overlooked! Please check him out at


 All of the best wishes, and remember to always Make A Difference

-Chris Avery Bennet

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chris Avery Bennet Interview

 Hello everyone! For some time now there has been a talented group of creative writers and an editor helping me run this page! Recently they have surprised me by interviewing me themselves for the first time! I hope you all like it and maybe learn a little more about me!
      -Chris Avery Bennet

     Chris Avery Bennet is not only a blogger and founder of the "Make A difference Blog", but also a very talented Networking Publicist and Promoter with a very active following. He is known especially for all of his work with recording artist Gregori Lukas, and for getting an exclusive interview on his website of American Horror Story's Sir Maejor, conducted by Make A Difference creative writer Sarah Ashley. Chris is not only an inspiration to many but a friend to even more. Please enjoy the following interview of the one and only Chris Avery Bennet!

Q: You are the founder of "Make A Difference" what inspired you to create this movement?

A: Well back in 2008 after coming out of the closet I had decided that I wanted to help people all over the world who had issues with either who they are or within gaining confidence for themselves. As result of this I created the Make A Difference blog featuring people of all different types who represent a pure and positive lifestyle to maybe help inspire my readers and show them you can really do anything you set your mind to.

Q: There was a chunk of time that the site was silent why?

A: Well…there have actually been a few. When I was younger I was very sick with chronic lymes disease. I was in and out of hospitals and even homeschooled for a period of time. Other quiet times were involving depression caused by the deaths of some of my closest friends.

Q: How do your physical health issues play a role in the concept and running of "Make A Difference"?

A: Well as most people know it can be difficult for me to be on my feet for too long due to having two club feet, but when I’m in my work zone I will go until I drop! I will never let it change how I work, it is simply just another challenge to overcome!

Q: You've had to deal with some tragic losses of several close friends over the years how has that impacted you on a personal level?

A: To be honest, it has completely destroyed me. I have had four of the closest people I have had to me unfortunately pass away, how I continue my life day by day without my four best friends is beyond me. I just need to keep my head up and know they would want me to keep moving with my life instead of putting it at a halt. I still go through my own daily struggle but I stay strong for myself, the people I care about and for the people who look to me for guidance and inspiration.

Q: Do you think it has affected your work?

A: I absolutely do! I believe as a person and as an artist it has made me so much stronger. High stress situations have become so much easier to manage because I’ve dealt with the worst multiple times. It has also inspired me to become a better and healthier person.

Q: You just finished Fashion Week can you talk some about that experience?

A: So as you know this past February was my third time attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. To me this is my big annual event that I like to attend twice a year. It is such an amazing experience and the people I meet and befriend every year are some of the purest quality. There is nothing like sitting front row on a runway after being backstage watching how everything comes together. I really give these models, designers and makeup/hair artists, my utmost respect for how hard they all work. This past season for me was the best, and what made it that much better was coming home and finding out that I was on the front page of!

Q: Could you tell us a little about what you're working on right now?

A: I am now working on several different projects that I can’t fully tell you about but I’ll give you a little preview. I am getting ready to take on some new clientele for either networking or promotional help. One is a rising fashion designer/artist, another is an experienced and talented musician who has had quite a run so far but wants to do things a little different, and of course I have my own “mini me” I have discovered someone who reminds me way too much about myself to ignore. My plans with this individual are still being constructed but everyone will be finding out soon enough!

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: Oh boy… what can’t you expect from me in the future! I plan on expanding my reach as far as I can. I want to bring back the passion and art in promotions and networking, and give it the respect it deserves! You can expect to discover some of your favorite artists through my work and maybe even discover an artist within yourself!

Q: If you could say something to your readers and fans what would it be?

A: Never give up on yourself and never lose faith in your dreams. Sometimes it takes some time to figure out where your heart and talent rests but we all have something beautiful hidden within us. Always be that positive influence because no matter who you are someone else is looking up to you, and always remember to not only Make A Difference but Be The Difference.

Credit for interview: KC James
Editor: KC James

-Chris Avery Bennet

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sir Maejor

Who is Sir Maejor? You may not have heard of him yet, but, I can assure you, his name is one you will hear again. Overcoming obstacles, Sir Maejor has already started to make a name for himself after only under two years of being in the business. His determination and star quality is apparent. He is not only just The Albino Actor and Model. He is much, much more. Landing a feature role in FXs American Horror Story, as well as walking the runway at New York City Fashion Week, Sir Maejor is off to a powerful start. We can only expect wonderful things to come from him. And I, for one, am extremely excited to see where he will go.
Question 1: When did you first start modeling and acting? How did you come to the conclusion that was what you wanted to do?

Answer: It was earlier last year. I just woke up and said Im going to start acting and modeling.I had a friend who used to tease me and call me Shaun Ross. I didnt know who Shaun Ross was and he thought I was joking. Ive never heard of this guy, so I finally looked him up and I saw that he modeled. If this is this guy [Ross], and hes popular, widely popular as a model, I said, Okay, hes cool, but I think I can do it better.So you know, when I said "Im a do it," I just happened to do it. I wanted to pick two things that I never dreamed of. I never dreamed of being in acting. Never cared about modeling, but it wasnt until I just woke up with it in my head and my mind said, You know Im going to do it.So I did it. I used to be a radio personality. I started off with radio, prior to coming to Atlanta, and when I came here I came to get a radio gig. I was promised at Yale that I could go work for a couple different radio stations. When I got here it was a totally different thing. I tried to do collage radio out here and no one would take me cause I was not a student at those universities. Thats when I said, You know what, one monkey dont stop the show. We're going to start acting and modeling.So, thats how it began.

Question 2: So you call yourself The Albino Actor, its on your website. How has your Albinism actually helped you in your career? Do you think its actually helping you or hurting you because you will get type casted? Do you think that is something that will even happen?

Answer: At this point in time, Im not really worried about being type casted when it comes to Albinism. First of all, because thats what I am. I have fully embraced it. Has it helped me?  Absolutely. The reason how it helps me is because it distinguishes me from the other Joes out there. First of all, you got to understand that everything that I do is very strategic. Im not an idiot. I dont just make moves blindsided. So if I want to be seen and want to known as that guy with Albinism, I know thats how our society is based, on identification and labeling, and I know thats not necessarily right, but people are automatically going to label me as that albino guy, that albino actor, that albino model. So, I learned to take that. The word "albino" was always offensive to me. Its very derogative. Especially, depending on how you use it. And, so, I took a word that I never liked. And my mommy said Hey, Why do you call yourself albino? I know you dont like it. Why do you do it?The reason why I do it is because it does help me. Thats how American Horror Story found me. So, in terms of labeling myself, Im doing it because I know its going to be done to me. So, why not take it and flip it and make it positive.
Question 3: So you recently walked the runway at New York City Fashion week for designer Stevie Boi. How was that experience for you? Was if fun? Was it hectic?

Answer: Actually, it was very easy. First of all, it was very flattering that Stevie Boi reached out to me. He does some incredible work with a lot of people bigger than myself. So, the fact that he reached out to me with open arms and said, Hey I want you to come to my project, are you willing to make it happen?I was like Yeah!So, it was a great honor. Of course, I got treated like royalty as well because TV helps. It was a big deal for me.

Question 4: You also do regular modeling. Which do you enjoy more: the runway experience, or just regular modeling? Which is more fulfilling?  

Answer: I would have to say, I dont mind posing for magazines. I dont mind posing for different photographers. However, there is no greater gratification than that experience on walking the runway. You have people from all walks of life there at a show and, when youre walking for a big designer, the model really doesnt exist. The model is like a hanger for whatever designer youre wearing. So, to be even in that is a great honor. I like it all but, I have to say, runway gives me more of that adrenaline.
Question 5: You started modeling and then you jumped into acting. What made you want to take that leap?

Answer: Well, actually, I did it all together. Believe me, I started off with modeling, got some good shots out there as a door opener, because once the photos are floating around, people are going to start saying Who is this guy?And thats how it happened for me. I decided to do both at the same time, but I knew that you had to put one foot out there and, to start off by saying you want to model, you have to have some content or some substance. So, we start putting photos out there, start doing a few photo shoots, and thats how it happened for me.

Question 6: So Im a big American Horror Story fan, and thats even where I first noticed you. How did getting cast in Coven actually change things for you because it is a very popular show?

Answer: I was always the popular kid, so I wouldnt say that in my local community that it has really changed. I stand out because I do have Albinism and, so, popularity was never an issue for me. People know me from American Horror Story, you cant deny it. When Im other projects, like when Im doing other movies and stuff like that, you hear background actors say, Oh thats the guy from AHS!And I have to act like I dont hear it, just because I have to stay focused. Im shooting The Hunger Games, and I have two more days left so it will be total of seven days, Everywhere I went people were whispering Thats the guy from AHS.So, I guess it has helped. I go out to eat and people recognize me and people are taking pictures. I was at New York fashion week and I was in a club inside a hotel and I went to the bathroom and five girls were at the bathroom door when I came out. They were trying act like they were just using the bathroom and they waited for me. They actually came up with a conversational piece and they said,Oh, we like your eyebrows.They were waiting for me to say,Thank you,so they could hear my voice. Because they heard me on interviews and stuff like that, and I fell right into it too. I didnt know what was going on. So, they were like Are you the guy from AHS,and I was acting like I wasnt. I was saying No, its not me.They knew I was lying, They knew it was me, but you know stuff like that happens.

Question 7: You just mentioned that youre filming The Hunger Games. How is that experience for you? How do you feel that being is such a huge film is going to help you?

Answer: Doing The Hunger Games, its not a big role where I get a lot of camera time. It started off as a feature role and, of course, the directors have the last say. When you put things out there that youre going to be in something, it takes the surprise away. I have learned that I cannot voice projects that Im working on. Because I had put it out there, and no one told me not to, they have moved my role. So they had me in the project but, its not featured. So thats another thing. What else do we want to say? We did DC Comics. We just did a pilot for DC Comics prior to shooting The Hunger Games last week. DC Comics has a project called Constantine.  Were doing a TV series. They had me featured in there. So, things are coming along. I have accepted the fact that I am albino and that I will never change. My looks will never change. Once I started embracing myself and my identity, these roles started coming up. DC comics, they called me. As a matter of fact, the casting director worked with me on another project. So she remembered me, called me, and said,Hey, can you be here tomorrow?So its working.

Question 8: You were in Need for Speed as well, how was that?

Answer: It was great. I actually went to the movie theaters and I was there to see myself. Its kind of funny because when we were watching the film, the whole time, I wasn't really watching. Im not focusing on the movie, Im just focusing on looking at myself. I saw myself, but it was like in one scene. I shot like three or four scenes, but, of course, the director has the final cut. They have to make the final edit. They keep which ones they want and they delete the ones that they dont. So, the scenes that I was in the most were all deleted except for one where you saw me getting off of a prison bus, but it was background. I dont know if Albinism plays a part of it. One thing I did learn is that when I first started it wasnt easy. I wasnt getting casted for a lot of stuff. And heres the truth to it. Lets say Im in a scene with Robert De Niro. We know who Robert De Niro is. We know what hes capable of. We can almost predict what hes going to say next. If Im in a scene and Im in the background or Im standing in the same shot, Im going to steal his scene. The reason why is because not everyone knows who Sir Maejor is. Were still building that brand and were putting in work. Not everyone knows who I am. So if I steal the scene, whatever Robert De Niro is saying is being missed by the audience. Its like, Whos that guy? Is he black? Is he white? Is that an Albino?So, I become the trending topic and Robert De Niro is being ignored. Directors look at that. Its kind of a Catch 22.

Question 9: So, what can we be expecting from you in the future? Any secrets that you can divulge in?

Answer: Any secrets? Well, you might see that Lionsgate really likes me and they called my agent about me. So, were planning some stuff with Lionsgate. Were trying to get everything together. Till then Im going back to fashion week in New York. So, Ill be back in September.  Stevie Boi, actually, he said, Hey, I know youre bigger then you were before, but do you want to come back? I was like, Yeah, anything for you man. Well make it happen.”  So, well be doing fashion week in New York and were doing movies. I cant say what, but were doing movies.

Question 10: Finally can you give advice to anyone who is trying to make it in the industry or just in general?

Answer: First advice is never let anyone tell you no. Ive been told no by some of the biggest modeling agencies. Wilhelmina, they emailed me saying, Hey, we love your look, but youre just not a good fit for us.And there is really no good way to take that. Youre just not good enough. But, they actually pointed me in the right direction. They gave me some leads. Never let anyone tell you no. You have to just keep hunting. Also, you should never let anyone determine your net worth. Even after American Horror Story, you still get people that want you to do some stuff for little or nothing. When you know your net worth, and you know what youre capable of, and what you bring to the table, then you just dont settle for anything and thats something Im big on.

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