Friday, October 29, 2010

Austin Young

            This week we are going to talk about another friend of mine Austin Young. Far back in the beginning of my myspace life to be honest I was new to the world outside school and family. I had some fantastic conversations with Austin in which I learned he started his photography career in college by simply taking pictures of his friends. Through the years Austin has grown in his photography career and has even been featured in Ru Paul's drag race! All of you who know me and my standards can understand how hard it is to impress me. To be honest Austin Young is not only the most creative and talented photographer I know but he is my all time favorite. Here are some of my favorite pictures done by Austin and get ready this is the largest blog review in Make a Difference history!

One of several splattered paint pictures of Jeffree Star this has got to be my all time favorite. There is so much quality and detail to this image it just has you starring endlessly.

Another Jeffree Star picture this one has a great mood to it with the blue background clashing with the hot pink.

The amount of detail and the high quality of this photo has to make it one of the best I have ever seen!

Again with the detail! This picture has a cute yet sad feel to it. All in all it does the job.

This photo makes me think spy business with a sweet romantic side the mood is again stunningly displayed.

This photo is a little too crisp for my taste yet the quality of it is still amazing.

The amount of viewable detail in this photo is absolutely astounding with the eyes, hair and skin. It feels like I'm standing right in front of this woman.

In this picture has this mystical property to it and great detail. You also may notice that on the right is Jackie Beat someone from the original Make a Difference reviews.

In this photo you get kind of a futuristic feel and once again we have Jackie Beat in the middle.

Finally we have our last picture this has an obvious dark feel of gore. Tho I honestly must add this model has an amazing body!
            This was just a small taste of Austins work he has a large portfolio and even videos done by him be sure to check his website and his youtube channel

Friday, October 8, 2010

Plastic Martyr

Plastic Martyr is not only a friend to Make A Difference but he has also been one of our favorite models to keep a close eye on. His style is unique, modern and all in all stunning. We first found him through a photographer we have worked with in the past named Austin Young. Lately Plastic Martyr has been releasing new photos onto his Facebook and I must add they just get better and better the natural beauty is so extreme he makes it look easy to look like you just came off of the red carpet of superstars! Here are some of his latest releases of work.

Both of these photos have this modern yet elegant renaissance style to it. This has to be one of my all time favorite photos!

In these Plastic has obviously changed his general look from pale blond beauty to a tan dark haired neck breaker and again STUNNING!

This must be the most stunning dress I have ever seen plastic in its elegantly designed and seems to have a link to a blooming flower bud.

Now don’t get nervous everyone yes Plastic Martyr is friends with Jeffree Star but he does not share the disgustingly rude and unprofessional personality Plastic Martyr is one of the most respectful people I have worked with and I do hope you all pay close attention to his work and progress in the fashion world