Sunday, October 16, 2011

Make A Difference Back In Action!

Hey everyone finally I have the time to continue with my work! my goal is to have one reader selected topic and or advice column a week. Also I will be doing one review/interview a month so make sure you are posted on the latest M.A.D. news! please contact me at and give me any suggestions on what YOU want to see on Make A Difference!
xoxo Chris Avery Bennet

Monday, March 28, 2011

Austin Head

      Hey everyone this week we have a super exclusive the Incredibly attractive and talented Austin Head! this is an exclusive Make A Difference interview with this talented and fashionable DJ. The Make A Difference team and Austin hope you all enjoy this as much as we did!

1. Q: Who's your biggest inspiration?
            A: Before beginning this interview, I’d like to state that I’ve been boozing since …on a Monday. So! With that said, let’s try to get through this in one piece, eh?
            My biggest inspiration? Musically, I grew up on Bette Midler, Reba McEntire & The B-52s. A mix of Rock, Country, Glam & Camp; my weird core of misfits.
            Fashion wise, I love to keep current on fashion outside of the States. Like, in Tokyo, it’s trendy for boys to wear flat-panel skirts over their skinny jeans. I’m in process of working that into a look. Let’s see how Phoenix, AZ takes it. If they don’t like it, Fuck ‘em!

2. Q: If you had to pick one place in the world to pull inspiration where would it be?

            A: I love traveling to NYC every couple months to soak up their vibes. I lived there for 5 years on and off since I was 19. Ten months of those was spent living out of a 1988 Lincoln Limo I bought off eBay. I made it as glam as homelessness can get!

3. Q: What would you say the difference between "Couture" and "trashy" is?
A: Couture: Gaga; Trashy: Ke$ha

4. Q: Who's your favorite designer(s)?

            A: Vivian Westwood, The Blonds, & Galliano, (Aesthetically, of course. His work is separate from his drunken slurs – I’m sure, I mean I know, I’ve offended plenty in my lush life, just not on camera)
5. Q: Out of all the "Internet Celebrities" who would you say has came the furthest.
A: Rebecca Black; a 13 year-old walks into a studio, records a song that I’ve compared to the song in ‘Mars Attacks’ they used to blow-up the Aliens’ Heads, goes viral for the wrong reasons, then pleasantly magnified by her decision to donate the proceeds to the relief effort in Japan.
 1. Q: Where can you see yourself in 5 years?

            A: Wherever I’ve guided myself to be. Make no mistake, however, that anyone can do anything on his or her own. I’ve had many fantastic people place the boards on my grand staircase.

2. Q: When you are in the creative process, what drives you?

            A: Just wanting to make the world more interesting. Viva Glamour! The majority of my work derives from my own entertainment. I just hope the rest of you enjoy the show!

3. Q: What is the highlight of your career?

A: Hmm… Well I just produced ‘The Monster Ball’s Lady Starlight After-Party’ here in Phoenix. I got to work along side Lady Starlight (Gaga’s BFF & co-collaborator), had an awesome time spinning sick beats, was surrounded by beautifully amazing friends, & sang out a Bowie song on a rooftop over looking a crowd of hundreds!
The entire event bested everything before. But, that’s the way it should be I think. I can’t wait for what comes next. I love how Dolly Parton said it, “Get you dreams in line, then shine, design, refine ‘til they come true! You better get to livin’!”

Kisses & Love!
-Austin Head

Monday, January 31, 2011

Chris Avery Bennet

          Who is Chris Avery Bennet? Well that’s really my internet name. I created this name as a name that could be a safe one for the gay community to know that the person who is given the last name of a Bennet is not only a friend to all but is an extraordinarily talented person. As a child I was bullied for simply talking like a girl and as I got older things only got worse until one day I learned to really stand up for my self and to talk down to my enemies my life had changed forever.
            In my early days of the internet my name was known as Christifa which quickly wore out on me so I decided to take the maiden name of my grandmother and so Chris Bennet was born

                At this stage of my life I truly wanted to make a difference in peoples lives. I would see people saying they wish there was more suport in the world an I wanted to be that person people can look to for help and support. I wanted to be the person anyone can count on and trust. In honor of this value of mine I created the Make a Difference Pride movement. Make A Difference was a great success for a little over a year until due to personal crisis it was shut down.
                After sorting out some serious tragedy and tramatic issues a year later I stepped back into the world of the internet but this time I wanted more of a name that people can really recognize so after some serious thinking I came up with the name Chris Avery Bennet. Still on a roll I wanted to get back into my blogging and this time make things really serious and so the M.A.D. aka Make A Difference blog was officaly re born into a media blog. Chris Avery Bennet is not only a blogger but someone who is always positive and will always go out of his way to help another. One of Chris Averys signitures is taking photographs that wow just about anyone. Here are some examples.
                                                                                     Photo: Michelle
                                                                                             Photo: Emily

                                                                                        Chris Avery
                                                                              Chris Avery and Emily

                                                                                Photo: Lauren
                                                                    Chris Avery Before a busness call from Holland

                                                              Chris Avery in a water photoshoot photo:michelle
                                                                          Chris Avery advertising
                                                                                               Photo: Michelle

                                                                   Chris Avery with models Jenni Lynn and Buba
                                                                 Chris Avery with models Jenni Lynn and Buba

            Today Chris Avery Bennet works on his website:
And a social network
You can contact him through his facebook just look up Chris Avery Bennet.
Enjoy and “Make A Difference”