Friday, March 9, 2012

Positive Youth


Logo TV's "Positive Youth" reveals the New reality of living HIV+
FilmFollows Four Affected 18- to 27-Year-Oldsasthey face the Challenges of
Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness in the Face of the Virus

First identified in the United States in 1981, HIV has become one of the world's most widespread pandemics. Wrongly labeled a "gay plague" in its early days, this non-discriminating virus affects more than 41 million people across the globe, regardless of their sex, orientation or socio-economic status.

With huge leaps being made in vaccine research and the development of drugs that significantly reduce transmission, there is now new hope for those living with HIV. However, public and political complacency, as well as a lack of education, still foster an environment shaped by the fears and stigmas born in the AIDS panic of the 1980s.

In an effort to change these perceptions, Logo TV's documentary "Positive Youth" shines a light on the new reality of living HIV+. The film follows four dynamic youth, ages 18 to 27 who are either infected or affected by HIV. Proving that the next generation is not backing down, the subjects offer an uncensored look into the challenges of dating, living and loving with HIV.

"I felt there was a huge disconnect in the public with the advancements in HIV medicine and the affliction by the general population," said the film's director, Charlie David. "We made this documentary to educate those who know little of HIV, to shed light on the rise of HIV infection among today's youth and to give inspiration to people living with HIV that they are not alone, nor should be seen as a danger to society."

Each of the four subjects feature a dynamic perspective on the reality of living positive today:  a straight 18-year-old First Nations woman living in an impoverished rural town, a gay 25-year-old white urbanite,a 23-year-old African AmericanYouTube figure and a 27-year-old club kid jet-setter.Medical and psychological experts also weigh in to provide up-to-date facts and a historical context to the reality of living positively.

"Thirty years after the discovery of HIV, we now have the tools to turn this pandemic around. It is important to understand that medication is a key part of prevention," said subject Austin Head. "In my case, the medication I take, made by Gilead, has reduced the virus in my system to undetectable levels and eliminated nearly all possibility of transmission to a loved one. There are still a lot of people who don't know they have options and participating in the film provided me a great chance to share that story"

"Positive Youth" will begin premiering in theaters across North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia, beginning March 30, 2012. The film will also be internationally broadcast in May 2012 via networks Logo TV in the United States and OUTtv in Canada.

 From Logo TV and Out TV

-Chris Avery Bennet