Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chris Avery Bennet

 Hello, most of you may know me as just the name signing after each post. Its time I shared with you all who I am and what my life is like. My name is Chris Avery Bennet and I am 20 years old living in Sandy Hook, CT going on my 18th year living here. I was born in a beautiful city just at the end of Conneticut called Stamford. Growing up was not easy on me but then again it could have been much worse! At birth I was born with a condition called a clubbed foot except I was born with two of them, as treatment I had casting on my legs so they would grow into place correctly...I still sometimes have trouble but nothing severe. In elementary school I was never the popular one and was often made fun of I was generally considered overweight and "nerdy". By the time I reached 4th grade my mother Michelle, was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, a constant fear of mine for the next few years was that I would have to grow up without a mother until she made a full recovery and went into remission.

   By the time I reached High School at Newtown High School my troubles increased. As I was finally coming to terms that I was different and that I was Gay, the Vice Principal of Newtown High School at the time Scott Clayton made my life a nightmare, harassing me and I distinctly remember him telling me "You wont get anywhere with this blogging" the one thing I would like to say to him now is, "Look at me now! Never put any child down and NEVER discriminate due to sexual orientation!" I also did not go to Senior prom after being told I would have to sign a paper stating that I am gay and intend on bringing a man to prom. During this time I went onto Myspace and began my Make A Difference Blog trying to inspire, motivate and most of all make a difference with the guidance of the beautiful Jackie Beat who became somewhat of a mentor to me at that time and eventually I transferred to Blogger. Just as I was beginning my blogging career I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymes Disease which is aggressive, dangerous. There are few people who know how severe Lymes really is, for more information on Lymes there is a video documentary by the name of "Under our Skin." In my recovery I decided it was time to come out of the closet and announce that I was gay, to my surprise....nobody was surprised. In the year following my coming out a close friend of mine Danielle, who had motivated me and helped me become comfortable in my own skin, had tragically passed away at the age of 17 years old in spring 2010. I kept a stiff upper lip and moved on not in mourning of her but in honor of her. To this day I am close with her beautiful family whom I see as my own, not replacing my family but joining it.

   During the summer of 2010 I chose to start doing interviews and reviews of positive, creative and talented artists such as, Plastic Martyr, Austin Young, Austin Head, Rob Dinero and Gregori Lukas. These people are among some of the most talented and inspirational people I have ever met in my life, and I am personally honored to have shared my passion, time, emotions and work with them. As time went on my blog got more and more attention, people were even starting to draw me! Everything was going perfect and smooth, then tragedy struck again. My best friend Chris was hit by a car and was instantly killed and, two weeks later was the Sandy Hook Crisis just five minutes away from where I live....I spent over a month sitting in my room staring at the wall, lost not knowing what to do with myself and then Gregori Lukas really stepped in. He as a good and loyal friend helped me out of the hole I was in re motivating me to continue my work as he continued his as a singer. I worked with him doing a press release for his debut single "Stay" which I tend to listen to on repeat quite often. Eventually I took the position as his publicist and began going into New York City working with him on spreading his music. If it wasn't on the street handing out cards, it was in buildings or at Mercedes Benz Fashion week (where most of these pictures are from).

  So through all of my struggles and all of my hardship I have always seemed to pull through and this blog is result of my strength and my passion that I share with the world. My promise is that any artist featured on my blog is a positive and inspirational artist and nothing less! I put up these posts in hope that all, if not some of you, become inspired by what I do and how I have gotten to where I am. Understand you can do anything you want to do as long as you believe in yourself and always have hope, love and passion in everything you do. Just be sure you are making a positive influence in this world. My name is Chris Avery Bennet and I don't just Make A Difference, I AM The Difference!
-Chris Avery Bennet

Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Gay Social App!

The Mench'd App has finally arrived! Justin Maxx, Creator and Founder, has developed the newest form of matchmaking exclusively for gay men looking for love. Mench'd offers men the opportunity to find like minded men the chance at long term relationships, opposed to other "dating apps" simply connecting for "encounters." 

Justin Maxx created Mench’d in his senior year at LIM College while majoring in marketing. At age 11, Maxx entered his career in technology, quickly growing to be a Youtube sensation. Coming out just a year later at age 12, Maxx has always been comfortable in his own skin, showing everyone around him, being gay doesn’t make you any less normal. Mench’d is the answer to frustration with straight dating apps not getting it right. Maxx set out to make the perfect app for real men to find real love.