Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Gay Social App!

The Mench'd App has finally arrived! Justin Maxx, Creator and Founder, has developed the newest form of matchmaking exclusively for gay men looking for love. Mench'd offers men the opportunity to find like minded men the chance at long term relationships, opposed to other "dating apps" simply connecting for "encounters." 

Justin Maxx created Mench’d in his senior year at LIM College while majoring in marketing. At age 11, Maxx entered his career in technology, quickly growing to be a Youtube sensation. Coming out just a year later at age 12, Maxx has always been comfortable in his own skin, showing everyone around him, being gay doesn’t make you any less normal. Mench’d is the answer to frustration with straight dating apps not getting it right. Maxx set out to make the perfect app for real men to find real love.

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