Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chris Avery Bennet Interview

 Hello everyone! For some time now there has been a talented group of creative writers and an editor helping me run this page! Recently they have surprised me by interviewing me themselves for the first time! I hope you all like it and maybe learn a little more about me!
      -Chris Avery Bennet

     Chris Avery Bennet is not only a blogger and founder of the "Make A difference Blog", but also a very talented Networking Publicist and Promoter with a very active following. He is known especially for all of his work with recording artist Gregori Lukas, and for getting an exclusive interview on his website of American Horror Story's Sir Maejor, conducted by Make A Difference creative writer Sarah Ashley. Chris is not only an inspiration to many but a friend to even more. Please enjoy the following interview of the one and only Chris Avery Bennet!

Q: You are the founder of "Make A Difference" what inspired you to create this movement?

A: Well back in 2008 after coming out of the closet I had decided that I wanted to help people all over the world who had issues with either who they are or within gaining confidence for themselves. As result of this I created the Make A Difference blog featuring people of all different types who represent a pure and positive lifestyle to maybe help inspire my readers and show them you can really do anything you set your mind to.

Q: There was a chunk of time that the site was silent why?

A: Well…there have actually been a few. When I was younger I was very sick with chronic lymes disease. I was in and out of hospitals and even homeschooled for a period of time. Other quiet times were involving depression caused by the deaths of some of my closest friends.

Q: How do your physical health issues play a role in the concept and running of "Make A Difference"?

A: Well as most people know it can be difficult for me to be on my feet for too long due to having two club feet, but when I’m in my work zone I will go until I drop! I will never let it change how I work, it is simply just another challenge to overcome!

Q: You've had to deal with some tragic losses of several close friends over the years how has that impacted you on a personal level?

A: To be honest, it has completely destroyed me. I have had four of the closest people I have had to me unfortunately pass away, how I continue my life day by day without my four best friends is beyond me. I just need to keep my head up and know they would want me to keep moving with my life instead of putting it at a halt. I still go through my own daily struggle but I stay strong for myself, the people I care about and for the people who look to me for guidance and inspiration.

Q: Do you think it has affected your work?

A: I absolutely do! I believe as a person and as an artist it has made me so much stronger. High stress situations have become so much easier to manage because I’ve dealt with the worst multiple times. It has also inspired me to become a better and healthier person.

Q: You just finished Fashion Week can you talk some about that experience?

A: So as you know this past February was my third time attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. To me this is my big annual event that I like to attend twice a year. It is such an amazing experience and the people I meet and befriend every year are some of the purest quality. There is nothing like sitting front row on a runway after being backstage watching how everything comes together. I really give these models, designers and makeup/hair artists, my utmost respect for how hard they all work. This past season for me was the best, and what made it that much better was coming home and finding out that I was on the front page of!

Q: Could you tell us a little about what you're working on right now?

A: I am now working on several different projects that I can’t fully tell you about but I’ll give you a little preview. I am getting ready to take on some new clientele for either networking or promotional help. One is a rising fashion designer/artist, another is an experienced and talented musician who has had quite a run so far but wants to do things a little different, and of course I have my own “mini me” I have discovered someone who reminds me way too much about myself to ignore. My plans with this individual are still being constructed but everyone will be finding out soon enough!

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: Oh boy… what can’t you expect from me in the future! I plan on expanding my reach as far as I can. I want to bring back the passion and art in promotions and networking, and give it the respect it deserves! You can expect to discover some of your favorite artists through my work and maybe even discover an artist within yourself!

Q: If you could say something to your readers and fans what would it be?

A: Never give up on yourself and never lose faith in your dreams. Sometimes it takes some time to figure out where your heart and talent rests but we all have something beautiful hidden within us. Always be that positive influence because no matter who you are someone else is looking up to you, and always remember to not only Make A Difference but Be The Difference.

Credit for interview: KC James
Editor: KC James

-Chris Avery Bennet